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Saturday, April 26, 2008


After two weeks off, you would think I would have something brilliant to post on my blogs. Alas! That's not the case. I seem to be doing a lot of thinking about a lot of different topics, but none to any conclusions. Sometimes, I think it is possible to think too much!

I looked around the Bloggernacle to see what others were writing about, but nothing struck me as a topic that I wanted to tackle. I do enjoy reading other blogs, but many of them contain such good, well-written posts that I can't see what I could add to the subject.

I think, too, that I get distracted by Real Life, which is not an altogether bad thing. After all, we are here to live our lives and not just write about them.

Another distraction for me is that I am interested in a great many subjects and I flit from one to another. I don't seem to settle on any one thing long enough to learn much about it or complete a project.

I think about enduring to the end and all that that means. I do not think it means just existing, or just avoiding major sins and mistakes. I think it means taking positive action in doing good. It means setting priorities so that I am moving in the right direction and that I have my ladder against the right wall. It means a lot of things that I don't think I am doing well enough. I try to avoid discouragement because that seems to derail my efforts altogether. God means for us to press on as best we can in whatever circumstances we find ourselves.

Well, life goes on. What do you do to keep your life on the right track and keep discouragement out of the picture?


Saturday, April 12, 2008

Updates on My Life

I took last week off from blogging because I wanted to concentrate on General Conference. I had trouble with the audio feed (forget about trying to watch video feed!) and depended on Guy Murray's excellent conference reports at Messenger and Advocate. Thanks, Guy!!

Monday I broke down and ordered high speed internet (I've been using dial-up--don't laugh). I installed it last night and a whole new world has opened up for me. There was a time when dial-up was fine--I could watch the GC video feed just fine. But these days dial-up just can't really keep up. I was reluctant to get high speed internet for a number of reasons, but to my pleasant surprise, I didn't have to install a second phone line, change my email address, or anything else. And the service I got is only $5.05 a month more than dial-up. Of course, I didn't get the super high speed service--I'm not a gamer or a music/movie downloader. It's just fine for me. I also was able to install it myself, so I wasn't out any money to have a technician come out to do that. Oh, and now my phone works even when I'm online!!! Not that I like to talk on the phone, but I'm sure it annoyed people who were trying to call me.

I'm sure there are plenty of technologically advanced people out there who are reading this with stunned amazement that it took me so long to make this simple upgrade, but sometimes I am reluctant to change. (I'll skip the long, involved self-analysis on that.)

Also, about 9 days ago I got new glasses. I can see! I can see! Actually, I could see just fine anyway--except when trying to read. My arms weren't long enough and the print wasn't large enough to read comfortably anymore. Darn aging process!! My friends at work say my new glasses (I got new frames, too.) make me look sophisticated and intellectual. Well, if I can at least look that way...!

I am over the bronchitis and sinus infections, but bronchitis is starting up in the office again. I am eating my veggies and staying away from sick people as best I can. I bought a giant bottle of hand sanitizer for work, too. Now I just need a giant can of Lysol...!

Spring is here, which is good, but we in Oklahoma can get some awful storms, so it has its downside, too. But with more sun and some warm days, I am perking up considerably. Life is good.