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Saturday, October 23, 2004

The Political Landscape

It is definitely the political season. I confess I am sometimes overwhelmed and confused. There is so much information out there anymore (newspapers, ads, the internet), some true and some false. Among the false info, there is mistaken information and there are out and out lies. My job is to sort it all out and make an informed decision.

I do hope people will get out and vote, but I hope all the voters are making an effort to educate themselves, not just about the Presidential election, but about all the state and local races and issues as well.

In Oklahoma we have a number of state questions that will be on the ballot. I found them at the election board website and printed them off so I could read them carefully and think about them. Political ads were good for letting me know that there are state questions, but the ads aren't that much good for making an informed decision. Each side has their own interpretation. Also, there is a particularly nasty senate race going on here. Both sides are slinging mud like there was no tomorrow. A local news program did a story about how 19% of the voters don't want to vote for either candidate now. They are so disgusted with the negativity. I don't blame them, but I want to vote for a candidate, so it is a matter of sorting out what is true. It is almost a full-time job just to inform oneself to vote! Still, we need to do what we can.

I will be glad when 2 November has come and gone, though.



Blogger Pink Floyd said...

I'm with you Tyro. It doesn't matter if it is national or local political races, it is so hard to cut through all the misinformation. I am afraid I am in your 19% in many of the races. I don't like either candidate for president, don't care for either vice president candidate, so it is to the point I start looking at the wives. That isn't any way to elect anyone.

And talk about confusion: In my county we are voting on fluoride in the water. AGAIN. We voted it in two years ago, so all the money has been spent to put the equipment in, now we are voting to see if we should take it out. It is crazy. If you want to see out right lies, have a fluoride election.

5:31 AM  
Blogger Peggy Snow Cahill said...

"I will be glad when 2 November has come and gone, though."

Yeah, me too. This election is so very serious, and I have studied more than for any other. But I will be glad when it is over. I noticed at the grocery store yesterday that the date on the milk was Nov. 4, and all I could think was "wow, by the time this milk expires, all the election stuff will be over!" Silly, I know.
But it is sometimes exhausting work, and so intense.

7:47 AM  
Blogger Chris Williams said...

Let's hope that November 2 actually is the end of the election. I'm sure we all remember that five weeks passed in 2000 before we had a president-elect. And unfortunately I've read a number of articles that suggest that a close election could produce a similar knock-down, drag out legal battle. Whoever wins the presidential election, I hope they win it clearly and decisively.

8:25 AM  
Blogger Mary A said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

1:18 PM  
Blogger Mary A said...

Hi, PF & Peggy & Chris. Thanks for reading my blog! Chris, you would have to remind me of that long, dragged out fiasco of four years ago! I had blocked it out. Sort of. I guess Florida is having problems with their early voting. Doesn't bode well, does it? Peggy, I can relate to the expiration date on the milk thing! It does cause brain cramps to vote intelligently. Ah, Pink Floyd, if only fluoride were our biggest problem!

1:19 PM  
Blogger Mary A said...

I promise I didn't say anything awful in the post I deleted! I just accidently double-posted my comment.

1:39 PM  
Blogger Titus Todd said...

I've heard the lawyers are already organized for the post-election effort! I hope there is a big enough margin that there won't be any attempt.

I get into politics but I don't like politics. What I see is millions upon millions of dollars wasted in getting a President elected, not to mention almost a year of politicing and distraction for the sitting President. If we kept the Federal government limited to the powers and responsibilities found in the constitution I think there would be a lot less money wasted on elections, pork spending and bureacracy. We may have also avoided 9/11 by not having Presidents distracted by a myriad of domestic issues that should have been left to the individual States.

To me, values are very much at issue and those who are sitting in the courts are a vital interest.

Anywho, I too look forward to the election being over but I dread it turning out in a way I don't desire. I will make no predictions as to who will win. I will make a prediction that despite who does win, the US will remain the best place to live in this world!

2:10 PM  

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