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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Let's Talk About Food Today

Apparently I am hungry, so I am writing a post about food! It's always interesting to find websites or books with new recipes and new types of food to try. I have a website to share with you today called The World's Healthiest Foods. There's all sorts of information about food and cooking here. Do some exploring!

A page of the above site that I really like is the
food list page. It has a list of common foods divided into categories such as Vegetables. Click on a food and you will get a page with nutrition information, health benefits, history, how to select and store, etc. Here's the onion page for an example. I really like that nutrient chart near the top. Very useful for finding foods to meet specific nutrition requirements. The history of the food is very interesting, too.

The site also has a
recipe page that may give you some new ideas of foods to fix for you and your family. There are vegetarian and meatless dishes, as well as traditional types of recipes. And here's a page on healthy cooking. And another on essential nutrients. There is a lot of documentation at the bottom of the articles, too.

The site has a
cooking demonstration page. There is a long list of food preparation items that you might want some help with, so just click on an item and it opens a box with photos and a written description. Very interesting.

There are lots more pages on this site. I've just listed a few to give you a sample of what you can find there.

Since we all have to prepare food for ourselves and our families, it's always fun to find new information to help with that task.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

When you find one on 'good food,' let me know. :-D

9:30 AM  
Blogger Mary A said...

Why, JR? Don't you want to be healthy? :D

9:33 AM  

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