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Friday, December 30, 2005

Walden, Josephus, Etc.

I have been reading Henry David Thoreau's Walden. I haven't read it since college (which, of course, was only the other day), but I enjoy his writings and also Ralph Waldo Emerson's. I like that feeling of quiet contemplation. I find that the first chapter in Walden, called "Economy," does wonders for motivating me to unclutter my life! While each person has to find his own way, and Thoreau's way wouldn't be right for everyone, it is good to read his writings and contemplate what would be good in the way of setting priorities and simplifying life--concentrating on what is truly important to one.

I have always, by the way, pronounced the name as Tha-ROW. I once had an instructor in college who said it was pronounced THOR-oh, or something like that. Does anyone know the absolute correct way to pronounce his name? I am so used to the first way that the second way seems incredibly awkward.

Poor Josephus. I have been neglecting his life and his history something fierce. I will get back to it soon and post a few summarizing notes, in case anyone is interested. And even if you aren't, this blog makes a wonderful place to keep track of things I have learned.

Eusebius has slid even further down my list of things to do. Work, work, work! It takes too much time. I think that is one thing I really envied Thoreau for--he had streamlined his life so that he didn't have to work much for the money he needed and he had lots of free time to read, study, contemplate, etc.

I took time to read all of Martha Grimes's Richard Jury novels. They are mysteries of the "cozy" sort. There is some travel and a number of characters, but they have that quiet contemplative feel. There was one book I didn't have and it is out of print. I figured I could find it online, but I went to a used bookstore and there it was--the only one of Martha Grimes's novels they had was the one I needed! Sometimes life is just too good!

I enjoy reading thought-provoking material, but I also enjoy taking a break from it to read mysteries or other fiction. I think switching around keeps one's mind fresh and ready to tackle whatever arises.

You have about a day and a half to write your New Year's Resolutions. Good luck.



Anonymous Pop said...

Well Mary, I for one await whatever new insights you might have on our pal Josephus/Gessius Florus.


12:30 PM  
Blogger s'mee said...

Always so great to read what you post! Here is another shout out for Thoreau (Tha-ROW in our house): After reading Walden, #5 pondered and then began the great clean out of her personal belongings and treasures. I credit the man with being the best "clean your bedroom" motivator in the world! Just mentioning his works and life style manages to get a room a tad nicer!

9:24 AM  
Blogger Mary A said...

Pop, he's a pretty interesting dude, isn't he? Don't know how good my insights will be, but at least it's educational to talk about him!

s'mee, I find myself inspired by Thoreau to clean and simplify, but I never thought of using him on the young people. That's great! And good for you for pronouncing the name Tha-ROW! I think most people do.

3:57 PM  

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