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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Idle Chatter

I have been taking a break from serious non-fiction reading for...Harry Potter. Big surprise, huh?! I enjoy that series of books. They are fun and interesting and there's always some sort of mystery to solve. I have the three movies on DVD and have enjoyed them a lot, as well.

I know there are those who disapprove of them because of the magic, but to me they are just fun fantasy books that pitch good vs. evil and good is winning, though sometimes it seems a little up and down. I think we can trust that good will win in the end. Apparently, these books have gotten a lot of kids interested in reading and I hope that they are trying other books, both fiction and non-fiction, and finding out that worlds are opening up to them.

I have written before about how important I think reading is and the earlier a love for it develops, the better. It helps in school, it helps in self-education, and it helps exercise the brain and the imagination. I know a person can learn a lot from all types of reading.

It has been a little cooler in in Oklahoma lately, although it is starting to warm back up. A nice break for us! It would be nice to not have allergy problems, but I guess that would make my life just too easy! Still, it could be worse. I just wish I could get my energy back, but that will come--probably in the fall when it cools off, although that can be a bad time for allergies.

Work has been absorbing a lot of my attention lately. Perhaps I can improve my efficiency. I probably worry too much about all kinds of things at the office. My agents love me (I'm an insurance underwriter), so I must be doing something right! Actually, I think the gospel helps me because I see my agents as real people with real problems and concerns. Some of my co-workers seem to see them as just voices on the phone, sent to irritate them. To me, life goes better when I try to see others as whole people with whole lives, not just the little part that has to do with insurance or whatever. It helps me be more patient and understanding.

I still have some of my weekend left and then it will be August and back to work on Monday. Time flies whether you are having fun or not! My nephew starts back to school in a couple of weeks and starts football Monday. He sure is growing fast.

I hope you are having a great summer and enjoying it to the hilt!

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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Mercy Me!

I didn't realize it's been over two weeks since I have posted anything to my blog. I guess I am not doing so well in the "be not weary in well-doing" and "enduring to the end" departments!

I don't have anything wrong with me except weariness, much of which can be ascribed to allergies and the heat & humidity. I am more of a spring and fall person and not so much a summer person.

I did read the new Harry Potter book last Saturday and enjoyed it immensely. I thought it was better than Book 5, or at least more enjoyable--not so dark and Harry not so moody and, well, teenagerish! (As if I had never been teenagerish!) No spoilers here, but read it if you haven't already.

I enjoy books with puzzles and mysteries and lots to figure out and solve. It is a challenge to my brain, but it is also great fun, even if I can't even come close to figuring out the solutions on my own. Anyone know of any good ones like that--where the protagonists hunt through clues in libraries or music scores or math texts or astronomy charts (please note--not astrology!) or religious texts or chess games or etc.?

Well, here's hoping I perk up soon. Enjoy the rest of your week!

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Monday, July 04, 2005

Be Not Weary in Well Doing

Happy 4th of July, everybody!

I am recovering from the shingles nicely and was blessed to not have a severe case. Nevertheless, I did learn new things about the meaning of pain. I have also been more tired than usual as my body recovers. I have felt frustrated at having to limit my activities, but I used the time to do a lot of reading and pondering and praying.

One thing that I think many of us struggle with is doing good among others. How much is enough? How much is too much? How can we possibly do everything?

There are a couple of things to keep in mind as we work toward perfection (notice I said "work toward perfection" and not "are perfect!"). These thoughts come from the scriptures.

9 And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not. Galatians 6:9

4 Do not run faster or labor more than you have strength and means provided to enable you to translate; but be diligent unto the end. D&C 10:4

That last scripture, of course, was the Lord's word to Joseph Smith as he translated, but it still is good general advice for us all. Sometimes it is hard to know if we are striking the right balance, but we will learn as we go and we can always pray for guidance. The important thing is to persist and be diligent, but to not overdo and wear ourselves out.

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