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Sunday, April 02, 2006

General Conference Saturday Morning Notes

At the encouragement of a fellow blogger (thanks!), I am posting my conference notes. Please forgive the mistakes and the things missed and enjoy!

President Faust conducting.

Elder Hales--Lehi chose to follow the Lord. Led family to land of promise. Laman and Lemuel used their agency to disobey the Lord. Lehi urged repentance and faithfulness. To Jacob, Lehi left one final lesson—the plan of salvation and the gift of agency. Man taught to know right from wrong, starting in pre-mortal existence. Satan cast out for rebellion and took one-third of the hosts of heaven. All used their agency. We used ours to remain faithful to the Lord. We rejoiced at our opportunities on earth. Opposition is essential to bring about the Lord’s purposes. Man to act for himself and must be enticed by good and evil. Adam fell. Earth became a state of probation. “Adam fell that men might be and men are that they might have joy.” Satan wants us to yield to sin. The adversary can never have joy unless we sin. (President Kimball quote) Our sins make the devil laugh. Our sorrows give Satan counterfeit joy. The adversary cannot make us do anything, even though he follows us every day. He must depart if we tell him to. He cannot influence us unless we let him. We do not have to succumb to his enticements. That’s why we have the Light of Christ and the Holy Ghost and the Priesthood. Are we holding on to the Iron Rod? Do we get on the strait and narrow path and stay there? Lehi taught Jacob that the Savior freed men—they can act for themselves and not be acted upon. We must act to avoid being acted upon, to avoid evil. Promptings can come to us to flee evil. The Lord prompts us because he is aware of us and our situations. We must heed the gentle promptings of the spirit. If we ignore them, we will lose them and be walking in spiritual darkness at noonday and wander in strange paths and be lost. For example, if we choose to go into debt, our choices are restricted. To retain our agency, we must walk in the light of the Savior and be obedient. We must choose to exercise our agency. We can climb out of black holes, or darkness, by using our agency, which the adversary cannot take away unless we let him. We regain our agency through faith and obedience. Choose to believe that we are the child of God and put everything on his altar and be obedient. Pray and study scriptures, go to church, have wholesome interaction with others. Keep covenants and commandments—baptism, sacrament, temple ordinances. Choose to believe in the Atonement. Accept the Savior’s forgiveness and also forgive yourself. Refuse to feel shame over past sins or to be discouraged. Our agency is not only for us, but we should use it to strengthen others. Invite others to receive the light of the gospel. Through friendship and love, lead them in gospel paths. Agency helps us show our inner spirituality through outward actions. Our use of agency determines who we are and what we’ll be. Faith and obedience strengthens our agency.

Bishop Burton—People responded to help those who suffered Katrina and other natural disasters. Compassion is important. We share one another’s burdens. The Savior asks us to suffer the weak, lift the hands that hang down, and strengthen the feeble knees. Bishop B. gives many examples of help given to tsunami victims and others all over the world. (Leaders of mosques (in tsunami areas) would announce that another donation from the Jesus church—us—had arrived.) Many letters of gratitude received. Welfare principles of work and self-reliance are maintained and training is provided to many for digging wells and raising gardens and for medical procedures. We collaborate with other agencies. Our giving is not limited to members of our church, but extends to all, no matter their nationality or religion. May we bless humanity. This selflessness demonstrates the pure love of Christ—charity. With what measure we mete out, it shall be meted unto us. Bishop B. expresses gratitude to all who give and help.

Sister Beck (Young Women’s Presidency)—This is truly a day of rejoicing. In Kirtland all remaining priesthood keys were restored. Men and women are given equal responsibilities and blessings. Privileges are enjoyed by all because of the priesthood blessings. Women are not third party observers. All can enjoy gifts and blessings through the priesthood. Same ordinances are for all. We qualify for the gift of the Holy Ghost by our faithfulness and no other way. All are taught to prepare to go to the temple. We are all endowed with power from on high. We are empowered and protected by our covenants. We all share equally in all spiritual gifts. Sister Beck was often ill as a child and was blessed by the spiritual gifts of both her parents. President Woodruff said it was the privilege of every man and woman to receive the gift of prophecy. Through the blessings of the priesthood, the Lord shows us that He is no respecter of persons. The poor and materially deprived of the world can have the same spiritual blessings as we more privileged persons. Priesthood blessings are the great equalizer. They are the same for all. Every power and covenant we need to return to God has been given to us all.

Elder Eyring—The prophets of God have seen the days we live in. The peril of the last days is great and comes from the forces of evil. It will become harder not easier to keep our covenants. For hope, we know that the Lord has spoken of a safe place for us. Paul said it was upon the rock of our Redeemer that we must build, which is a sure foundation. It has never been more important than to know how to build that foundation. See the last sermon of King Benjamin. He could see our day. He knew how to build that foundation of the rock of safety. People have to believe that the danger is real. He made clear the hazards we face because we are free to choose between right and wrong. “For behold there is a woe pronounced upon….” Consequences of those who die in their sins. Lively sense of own guilt which causes him to shrink from the presence of the Lord. King Benjamin wants us to remember the awful situation of those who have fallen into sin. Judgment Day. How to earn the hope of hearing the words, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant.” Atonement. Change of heart. Become as a little child. This is not to be childish, but rather to be like the Savior who prayed to his father to know his will and then did it. Yield to the enticings of the Holy Spirit and put off the natural man. Humble, patient, full of love, submit to all our Father seest fit to subject us to. The things we do are the means, not the ends, of what we seek. We become as the Savior as our natures change to be more obedient and loving. We must keep that. Then we will be safe upon that sure rock. Pray when choices can have eternal consequences. Pray for what the Lord wants, want his will is. We may not receive a promise of the outcome, but we will know we are doing God’s will. Our hearts must be still and quiet as a little child so we can receive the promptings of the Holy Ghost. To invite that change, we must build our faith in Jesus Christ to qualify for the gift of the Holy Ghost. Faith in Jesus and love for him—know who He is. We cannot serve a master we do not know. As we love and serve the Savior, we will come to know Him. To be called to serve is a call to come to know our Father and to change our natures. It will take determination and effort. Pray to avoid temptation. Resist temptations. We are responsible for ourselves. King Benjamin warned against sins and said to watch ourselves and our thoughts, words, and deeds. Pray for faith and humility to repent. The standard is not too high for us. The Savior can succor us—we can be cleansed and become pure and strong as a little child.

President Monson—Satan has fashioned lures to ensnare unsuspecting persons and seize control of their futures. To be safe, we must recognize what they are and be determined to avoid them. A current lure is immorality. Chastity and virtue are precious above all things. Paul said that no temptation has taken you but such as is common to man, but God will not tempt you above that you are able, but will make a way to escape. Another lure is pornography. Alexander Pope’s famous poem about Vice. The internet is one of the most accessible sources of pornography. President Hinckley said it is vicious, etc. Victims are impoverished. Long gone are the restraints of yesteryear. We are surrounded by pornography. Resist and avoid it. Another lure is drugs and alcohol. Difficult to abandon. Shatter lives. Often available. We have been commanded to care for our bodies and will be accountable. Paul said we are God’s temples. Keep our bodies clean. Another lure is excessive debt. We want to have things and borrowing is easy. The day of reckoning will come if we continue to live beyond our means. We think luxuries are necessities. We go into debt, then things change. We become ill or laid off of our jobs. Our debts hang over our heads and threaten to destroy us. We must live within our means and then we will be much happier. Debt is bondage. There are many other lures that Satan uses to lead us from the paths of righteousness. The Lord has given us the power to resist any temptation and to choose the right way. Beware the detours, the pitfalls, the traps. Ignore the lures. Do not be deceived. Pause to pray. Listen to that still small voice. Listen to and obey the Master’s invitation to come, follow me. There are those who won’t obey. Cardinal Woolsey was powerful, but prideful ambition brought his fall. He served his king instead of his God. Daniel was tempted, but stayed faithful to God. He rose to great heights, but he listened to God and not man and was thrown into the lions’s den. God protected Daniel and he was safe. Daniel’s determination to remain true and faithful provided God’s protection to him, and a safe place. Story of Bro. & Sis. Walker. The faithful beat a path to their door to partake of the spirit that they had. “Who honors God, God honors.” Resolve to follow that straight path that leads to God. Make corrections in our lives now. Be true to the faith. Quoted from hymn “True to the Faith.”



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Mary, These notes are awesome! Great work in compiling them. It makes you concentrate on what is said from the pulpit like no other activity I have ever found. Thanks for posting your thoughts. I gained more insight from reading yours as well.

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