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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Spring May Actually Get Here Someday!

We have had a cold somewhat icy winter in Oklahoma this year. Not as bad as poor upstate New York, of course, but bad enough for me to whine a bit. However, it is getting better and it looks like the worst is over. My hope for spring has been rekindled.

I have been reading some in a book called
Every Woman in the Bible by Larry and Sue Richards. It talks about every woman from Eve to unnamed groups or individual women who are mentioned in the Bible. I haven't read it all, but it gives some background and talks about what we can figure out from the scriptures about that particular woman. Interesting.

I do not consider myself a feminist, nor do I believe that the Church is sexist, racist, or oppressive. That does not preclude my interest in woman things. It is always interesting to learn what roles different people played throughout history, including what women did and what men did. Certainly, when one looks for role models through the ages, one often looks at one's own sex first. One reason I picked up the book mentioned above is that it is easy to overlook barely mentioned or unnamed women, so I wanted to get a view of all the women mentioned in the Bible.

There has been a series this past week on NBC Nightly News and also our local NBC channel about taking care of one's parents. This has given the personal stories of several of the prominent news people and has solicited stories from the public, some of which they will air next week. I no longer have parents--on this side of the veil, that is--but my Mom needed a lot of care for the last several years of her life, so I can relate to the good things and the problems arising out of the situation. I haven't gone over to the
MSNBC website, but I expect they have articles about it, if you haven't seen the series (it's called "Trading Places: Caring for Your Parents) and are interested.

I haven't been as faithful as I would like to be at reading other people's blogs. I hope to do more of that because I enjoy reading what others have to say about various topics. I've had a lot on my mind--work, a class I'm taking for work, health, the possibility of needing a new car, spiritual issues, etc.--well, you all know how it is. We all have various issues we have to deal with and sometimes they pile up a bit!

Happy President's Day on Monday!

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Anonymous Barb said...

I do like thoughtful writings on women in the Scriptures.

I like reading blogs too!

5:39 PM  

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