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Saturday, July 05, 2008

"To Be Healed"

In the May 1994 Ensign there is a talk given by Elder Richard G. Scott entitled "To Be Healed". I think that all of us could stand some healing in one way or the other--whether it is physical, mental, emotional, or social. We all have issues and problems and trials of various kinds. Sometimes we cause our own problems and sometimes they come from outside sources over which we have no control.

I was interested to see that Elder Scott made a point of saying that we have to do our part to be healed. At the very least, we need to exercise faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and humbly ask to be healed. Something else he pointed out is that the healing may or may not mean a cure of what ails us--it may mean the strength to carry on and to learn whatever lessons we can from our trials.

You may need to seek help from a trusted friend, associate, or professional, or you may just need to seek to draw closer to the Lord and ask Him to help you learn what you need to learn. You may need to put more effort into serving others, reaching out to others who need help. You may need to spend more time in the scriptures, learning to know the Lord better and to better understand His dealings with His children. Forgiving others may also be something for you to work on.

There are a number of things we can do to seek help and healing. I felt that Elder Scott's talk gave a good overview of those things and also gave hope for us that we will not seek healing in vain, even though the healing may not be what we would expect or prefer.

I linked to the talk rather than quoting from it because I think it will be most helpful to read all of it and to refer to the scriptures linked in the talk.

To me, this is an example of how the Lord works through the leaders in His church to give us useful, practical counsel that will help us live our lives better and to make our way back to Him.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"...even though the healing may not be what we would expect or prefer."
I believe this is where many, if not most people have the greatest problem. We have an expectation and find it difficult to accept or practice, "thy will, not my will."

11:50 AM  
Blogger Mary A said...

JR, I agree with that. It is likely one of the things we are to learn from our trials--to patiently submit our will to that of the Lord, who knows far better than we do what would be best.

It's something that we all have to overcome to one degree or another.

12:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Mary! I was offline on my home computer for a couple of weeks and am getting caught up. I have been touched by Elder Scott's talks on healing. I do think that in many cases we are healed and yet still have some of the consequences from the abuse or trauma etc. I think of it this way. It helps us to know how terrible and evil abuse is knowing that it can limit life. Just as having broken bones and bruises may leave lasting problems, emotional scars can cause a problem. We can recieve such beautiful healing though to live a full life. At times, we need to seek the Lord as well as professional help. I think listening friends make a great difference too. I wanted to add that I really liked Elder Scott's emphasis on the forgiveness God has for the person who abuses others if they repent. He was so sincere and loving towards those who abuse that it gave me such hope for them to recieve forgiveness. Sometimes I have worried about such things seeming to be unforgivable such as harming a small child. And that makes me have hard feelings towards such people. If God can forgive them, then I must do the same. Of course, that does not mean that I should take a risk and put a child in possible danger.

I have so been touched by those who have been through what I consider a nightmare and how they reach out to help others. I feel so blessed to know them.--Barb

9:28 PM  
Blogger Mary A said...

Hi, Barb! Abuse of any kind can leave scars--emotional, mental, physical, spiritual--but, as you say, we can receive beautiful healing to live full lives. Elder Scott's talks are so good! He discusses so many aspects of healing and things anyone can do to help the healing along. I do think forgiveness is difficult, but necessary for our healing, as well as being something the Lord expects from us. Too, we have to allow that people can truly repent, no matter what they have done, and that needs to be supported. Not that it's easy, but it is necessary for all concerned. You mentioned those who've been through a nightmare and yet find it within themselves to reach out and help others. I so admire that! It is an example to all of us, whether we have lived through abuse or not, that we can overcome whatever life throws our way and become strong and good.

8:21 AM  
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