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Monday, June 02, 2008

The FLDS Situation

While I do not believe all of the same things the FLDS do, their Constitutional rights have been trampled into the dust by the state of Texas. If this isn't nipped in the bud, it could happen to any of us--LDS, Catholic, poor, a certain neighborhood, or whoever the government might decide to go after--for any reason. The whole situation has been mishandled from the beginning. We need to be wary when the government, whether it is state or federal, starts overstepping its bounds.

Certainly, there was no need to take the younger children. And why not leave the children in their homes with their parents while investigations are made, if there is information received that warrants an investigation? These are not children in immediate physical danger. In fact, I would guess that the FLDS parents are better parents that many outside of their religion. There is a lot to consider, but there has been a lot of false information put out, and many are confused.

I am going to post some links if you would like to learn more about the situation, and I think it is an important situation. First up, here is a link to Guy Murray's Messenger and Advocate FLDS Texas Raid page. He is an attorney who has posted extensively on this subject and he covers it well. His posts contain a number of links to even more information and viewpoints.

Next up is a post from Naiah at Naiahdot called "The Maggie Jessop fan club". Her post contains links to three FLDS sites as well as links to a couple of specific essays by Maggie Jessop.

Finally, here are the three FLDS sites so that you can find out more about them. Of special interest are the essays on Truth Will Prevail. The other two sites are FLDS Truth and Captive FLDS Children. Whatever your feelings about their beliefs, these are people who are American citizens and who deserve to have their Constitutional rights upheld.

Wouldn't we want someone to stand up for us?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

It does seem like the situation was handled in a terrible an inhumane matter. I do take heart that a court has ruled in the matter saying that the State over-stepped its bounds. It is not often that justice is realized in as swift as matter in a country. We do live in a great country in that regard.

From what I have heard in general regarding states and taking care of children, the state makes a poor parent. Children in states are too often abused in Foster Homes. I know of a friend who said that agencies in her parents area tended to take children out of homes that should be kept in homes and kept children in homes that should be taken out. They were so frustrated that they got out of Foster Care. This was years ago and I hope improvements were made.

In regards to plural marriage, I have heard that the reasons that law enforcement agencies do not generally take action is that traditionally it has been the women and children who suffer. --Barb

8:13 PM  
Blogger Mary A said...

Hi, Barb! I appreciate your comments. I know that the foster care system can be good, but I have also heard horror stories about abuse in that system, so it isn't perfect by any means. I can understand that the prosecution of polygamy would hurt the women and children a great deal. I certainly don't have all the answers, but I think in general that less government interference is best. There are, of course, individual cases where the child really needs to be rescued from an abusive home immediately.

7:28 AM  
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