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Saturday, August 02, 2008

It's Too Hot!

I guess I'm just a wimp, but I don't like hot weather. Or humid weather. We've already had several days over 100 here in Oklahoma. My brain is a puddle and I can't think of anything intelligent to write about. I've only been posting every other week for a little while now, although I do plan to go back to weekly posts at some point. You'd think I'd be able to think of something to write about every other week, at least.

I've splurged on a Zune and have downloaded the Book of Mormon and a few hymns from the church website (, as well as some other books and music. Sometimes at work, I really need to tune out all the conversations around me, so it's been nice to have. I have a fair amount of classical music, which I love to listen to. It's perfect for work because it isn't too distracting, and it's good for reducing stress. I need that a lot--stress reduction!

I'm working on learning all about genealogy and working in the Family History Center, which helps to keep me occupied in a constructive way. Not too mention it's very interesting. I like gathering family information and learning details about when and where my ancestors lived.

Other than that, I'm mostly trying to keep cool. What are you doing this summer?



Blogger Amira said...

We got a Zune for our family a couple of months ago. My husband likes it for the church stuff he can listen to and my oldest son likes to listen to audiobooks. I can only imagine what the baby would do to it if he saw me listening to it.

It's been hot here too, but not as hot as last summer. And we live in an apartment that is much easier to keep cool. And I'm not pregnant, so in general, this summer has been much more pleasant than last summer. I've been working on family history too.

8:07 PM  
Blogger Mary A said...

Hi, Amira! A Zune is fun and useful, too. Nothing like having something good to listen to while waiting or doing routine chores or exercising!

I'm glad you're having a pleasant summer. That's always better than not being able to feel cool enough.

Family history gets more fascinating the deeper into it you get.

Thanks for stopping by!

6:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is been cooler than usual in Omaha this Summer. We had a few hot and humid ones though just to make us know it is Summer.

I have not heard of Zune. I may check it out. I like to play around sometimes at pandora dot come.

I think it is great that you are into Family History! I am not good at the research but I love to learn what others have researched. My mom is cool about getting family history books that relatives have put together that include family lines. Sadly, we are missing one and have been for some time. It was titled someting like Davis and allied families. That was a name in my family if you go back a few generations and the book contained information of my maternal grandmother's line. My mom is very upset though she is not LDS because she does not think we will ever be able to replace it. I may be able to get a chart from information of the book from a cousin going back to the Revolution in our country, but I don't think she ever had the book itself or the additional information. There were some sweet stories too about a family who felt so near heaven on their knees in prayer. If you could say a prayer for this book to turn up, I would appreciate it. --Barb

6:11 AM  
Blogger Titus Todd said...

Hot? You're hot? Then I am on fire! I know why I always said I wouldn't live in St. George, now I'm feeling it.

I have an iPod but I don't like the limitations of iTunes. Library audiobooks are usually in WMA format so a Zune would be better. So, at some point I'll get another MP3 player such as a Sandisk Sansa, a Zune or something similar. Thankfully, I didn't buy the iPod so I don't feel I've wasted any money buying it.

5:54 PM  
Blogger Mary A said...

I apologize for not responding to your comments sooner.

Barb, I have and will continue to say some prayers that the book will turn up. It sounds like a real treasure. Family history is so fascinating! Even with just names, dates, and places, I can look at general history and find out what my ancestors were going through. I know a few family stories and I have a booklet from a cousin with some family history, which is wonderful.

Titus Todd, I've heard that St. George can be HOT. You have my sympathy! I've really enjoyed my Zune. I have loaded some books and Spanish lessons on it, as well as a variety of music, podcasts, and the Book of Mormon. I like to play classical music at work when I need to tune out some of the surrounding talk--I can still concentrate on my work that way. I got an 80G model and have only used about 10G so far! Lots of room still to fill up.

5:27 AM  
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