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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

General Conference

I enjoyed General Conference--listened at home over the internet. No distractions that way.

I felt that the talks were somehow more powerful this time. Or perhaps I was more ready to hear the messages, or in more need of the messages.

I will not try to comment on specifics because I listened and did not take notes. Rather, I absorbed the spirit and thought about what was said. That means that afterwards, after 8 hours of talks, they all ran together! But that is okay. I like to review everything when the Ensign comes out.

I hope all of you enjoyed General Conference in your favorite way, as well.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

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6:21 AM  
Anonymous cadams said...

I especially enjoyed Pres. Hinckley's talk during the priesthood session.

7:55 PM  
Anonymous Pop said...

I watched on cable, closed captioned, YEAH. Missed priesthood as the satalite reciever was down. :-( I will be at to run off a few, can't wait for the Ensign.


8:45 AM  

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