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Saturday, April 29, 2006

And the Rains Came

We in Oklahoma and surrounding states have been getting some much needed rain lately. It is wonderful! We had a dry, mild winter and have already had some really hot days this spring. For it to rain and cool down has been a blessing. Of course, with said blessing came a few tornados. Some of you may have seen a clip of a tornado hitting a hangar at the El Reno airport, taken by a local news channel's helicopter. It was shown on some national news shows. El Reno is about 40 or so miles west of where I live. The storms fell apart just about the time they approached Oklahoma City and environs.

I have had some stresses at work and some health issues, which could be considered to fall into the metaphorical category of rain (as in "into each life some rain must fall"). However, I have noticed that the more I diligently pursue my daily scripture reading/study and prayer and come closer to the Lord, the more he sustains me and helps to me bear these things with equanimity. I had gotten somewhat sporadic with scriptures and prayers last year and had been feeling somewhat estranged from the Lord. Now I feel that sustaining power and comfort. He does not solve my problems for me, of course, but rather I find that I now have more courage and also more peace in dealing with the adversities of life. I see where I need to change and improve. I also see what I have no control over and can accept that and deal with it, as well.

I have been spending some time reading books by Elder Maxwell and President Hinckley and find their counsel and explanations useful and inspirational. I have also been studying up on depression and diabetes and find that knowledge leads to useful action, and also to comfort--to erasing of the fear of the unknown, or at least the lessening of that fear. I believe that nudges from the Holy Ghost led to my finding good sources of help and comfort. Also useful is the intelligence and sense that Heavenly Father created me with. All these things work together--God helps us and also we help ourselves--we do our part. One might call it a partnership made in Heaven.

Knowledge is power. Trust in God is power. These things are also comfort, help, guidance, and inspiration. My current trials are not that great (well, they are to me, but others have had much worse to go through), but they are my trials and I need help with them and appreciate that our Heavenly Father is concerned for each and every one of us, including me.

Friends have helped me, too. That awakens me to the importance of reaching out to others. I tend to keep to myself too much, for reasons I don't care to go into now. As I am helped by friends, though, I look to see if there is anything I can do for others.

All in all, my life gains in richness. It's a life-changing experience.



Anonymous Pop said...

I won't go into detail here, Mary, but I testify that miracles are indeed wrought by faith and the age of miracles has not ceased.


1:52 PM  
Anonymous Barb said...

Mary, last week I gave kind of a long response to this thread and I must of messed up the string of letters. Sometimes those things seem like a test for dyslexia as they are illegible!

So I will be brief here. I want to let you know that I care that you have had some hard times. Knowing that others struggle more is important for perspective. However, our trials are personal and we should not brush them off or minimize them. If something is of the nature that you are desperate for it to pass, then it is a trial. And it is important to share our good times and bad times with those that we have that level of trust. I am so glad to know you even if we are not on such a personal level where you would want to discuss what is going on in your life right now. I do value the friendship we have and look forward to our exchanges here. I will comment on other blogs later.

5:29 AM  
Blogger Mary A said...

Pop and Barb, I appreciate your comments! I do believe the age of miracles has not ceased. And it does help sort through our trials to share them and get some outside perspective. I think it helps us be more compassionate and understanding of others, too, which is an important part of our being here and traveling through this life.

And, Barb, I sometimes think that string of letters is a test, too! I think they are created by gremlins!

2:11 AM  

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