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Friday, November 23, 2007

Spiritual Maturity

I like to look around in the old Ensign magazines and read pieces that catch my attention. Besides being fun and interesting, I am reminded of some important insights into living the gospel.

One conference talk from November 1982 caught my attention. It is titled "
The Meaning of Maturity" and was given by Elder Derek A. Cuthbert of the First Quorum of the Seventy. In this talk, Elder Cuthbert lists ten qualities of maturity--five are childlike and five are acquired later in life.

The first five, the childlike qualities, are innocence, humility, simplicity, faith, and love. The second five are wisdom, leadership, accountability, dependablity, and self-mastery. Elder Cuthbert comments on each of these ten qualities in an insightful way. For example, here is what he had to say about wisdom:
Sixth, then, we need to acquire wisdom, that which Solomon desired so that he could make righteous judgments. Many of us are not wise, for we are blinded by the material world around us. Wisdom comes from a realization of true values and priorities. It is a spiritual quality, for it is founded on discernment and an understanding heart. Great is the wisdom of the prophets, and all who heed them are blessed.

The Lord has counseled us to “seek not for riches but for wisdom.” (D&C 6:7.) In this general conference, pearls of wisdom have come from those who have spoken under the inspiration of the Spirit. We would all do well to study and apply the truths that have been declared.

Knowledge by itself can be dangerous, and he who seeks to acquire knowledge must also be helped to obtain wisdom. Wisdom is a sign of maturity. It is usually related to age and experience, but not necessarily so. When serving as a mission president in Scotland, I saw the Lord quicken the understanding of many young missionaries so that they developed beyond their years. Now, less than five years later, six have been called as bishops and two into stake presidencies in the British Isles, and all are giving fine leadership.
There is a lot more in Elder Cuthbert's talk, of course, but I think it is a useful guide for me and maybe some of you will find it useful, as well.

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Blogger T. F. Stern said...

This reminded me of the movie, Karate Kid, where Mr. Miagi teaches his young pupil, "You must have balance in all things, Daniel-San". A little over simplification; but it fits.

8:59 AM  
Blogger Mary A said...

It does fit, T.F. And I, at least, need patience as I learn to develop good qualities. I tend to want to be perfect immediately so I don't have to worry about it anymore! But that just isn't the way it works, is it?

9:57 AM  

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