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Saturday, December 08, 2007


Today is foggy and drizzly--a perfect day to minimize errands and maximize thinking time. It is quiet and pleasant and above freezing, so no ice to contend with. Yet. We are due for an ice storm over the next couple of days.

Last Sunday, the parking lot at church was filled with Canadian geese, strolling around, staring at the people and looking for things to eat. They kept me from my usual parking spot, but I didn't want to risk scaring them or worse, hitting one. I hope they appreciated my sacrifice--I do like my favorite parking space!

When I contemplate nature, I am very thankful to God for creating this beautiful world and all the plants and animals and weather that we enjoy. It's a wonderful gift to go with the great blessing of gaining physical bodies. Life can be hard sometimes, but being able to admire a sunrise or a lovely flower or a lively bird can cheer one's heart immensely.

I am looking forward to studying the Joseph Smith manual in the Teachings of the Presidents of the Church series. I like having the manuals for reference and just to read. I have enjoyed learning more about prophets that I didn't know much about, as well as focusing in on what the various prophets have taught. There is a lot of spiritual insight in those books.

The scriptures themselves are filled with spiritual insight if we will seek it out. Prayer helps open our eyes, ears, and hearts to gospel teachings that might otherwise escape us. There is so much to learn! I've discovered (and had to rediscover numerous times) that patience and loving the process of learning is important to studying the gospel.

Each of us has different strengths and weaknesses, but the gospel has all the answers if we will ask the Lord to show them to us. Not always easy, I know, but that's where patience and loving the process come in.

Have a joyous Christmas season!

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Blogger T. F. Stern said...

I never could figure out how to tell one type of geese from others until I noticed that Canadian geese have the familiar red maple leaf painted on their tail feathers. lol

9:33 PM  
Blogger Mary A said...

:D That's a real giveaway as to which are the Canadian geese!

1:53 PM  

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