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Sunday, February 27, 2005


I have had a go-round with the flu and have neglected many things, including my blog, as a consequence. I've been catching up reading other blogs, though, and have three recommendations for those who like to learn.

First up, there are two posts regarding art consumption and I thought they made good points. Over at A Motley Vision, William Morris has an excellent piece called "Soapbox: Mormons and Media Consumption." Then over at Mo' Boy Blog, Mark Hansen has a 27 February piece called "Mormon Arts Consumption."

For those interested in philosophy, but not knowing where to start learning about it, Clark at Mormon Metaphysics has a 25 February piece called "Introduction to Philosophy" that links to a site that looks like a useful introduction to the field. The link is to The Galilean Library.

I appreciate their ideas and information. Sometimes a person wants to study and learn, but doesn't know how to get started or how to approach their topic of choice so it is useful to find comments and/or links that can help.



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