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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Death and Sorrow

I was sorry for the illness and death of Pope John Paul II. He was a good man who spoke for solid values and served the people. He and Mother Teresa exemplify service and goodness. I am sure Heavenly Father has been pleased with their efforts. I am glad that President Hinckley made a statement of sympathy to the Catholic people and praise of the Pope in Saturday's conference sessions.

Because of my interest in medieval history, I have learned some about the Catholic faith and its history. There have been many ups and downs through the ages for the church and the papacy. At times, the Pope had a great deal of influence on political and social events and at other times, almost none. I saw a television special on NBC about Pope John Paul II last night. It was only an hour so it just touched on a variety of things. I did not, for example, realize how much his influence aided the rise of Solidarity in Poland which contributed to the fall of communism. He often met with world leaders, too, and spoke his mind to them in behalf of human rights, religious rights, and so forth. He loved the people and cared about them. He was a good, kind man and will be missed.

I did not post on Terri Shiavo because many others did and I had nothing to add. It grieved my heart that the situation arose in the first place and my prayers were for Terri as much as anyone or anything else. She is now in the spirit world and is herself again and will find the peace and love she so deserves. It was a sorrowful situation.

Losing someone is always a sorrow, even though we know where they are going and that they are now safe. I have lost many close to me--my parents, my children, and many other relatives and friends. It is hard going, but our Heavenly Father will sustain us. It hurts, too, to lose those that we may not know personally, but who have been a wonderful influence on the world scene, such as Pope John Paul II and Mother Teresa. Whether it is someone close to us or someone we knew only from news reports, we can remember them and we can try to live better and serve more because of their example.

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