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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Where Would You Like to Travel?

Where would you like to travel if you could go anywhere in the world? What would you like to see?

There are many places that interest me. I think that outside of the USA, I would like to visit the British Isles and tour England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. I would want to see castles and villages and cathedrals. I would want to visit places I read about in books. Since I read a lot of books set in those countries, I would enjoy that a lot. Museums and art galleries would be interesting, but I think driving around and looking at actual places would be the best.

The Holy Land would be a great place to visit, if it were safe. I'd be a bit nervous going there now. Still, to see the places we read of in the scriptures would be a wonderful experience.

In the USA, I'd like to visit places that figured in the early settlement of our country. The Church history sites would be great, too. I'd like to see the oceans and just enjoy the countryside all around the different states--mountains, rivers, lakes, etc. Alaska would be an interesting place to visit--though perhaps not in winter! There are some good places to visit right here in Oklahoma. Some I've seen and some I haven't. Don't you find that we take for granted that which is near us and long for somewhere far away and "exotic?" But our home area would likely be exotic to someone else who lived far away.

I am glad we can travel vicariously through books and TV and the internet, but it's always nice to visit a place in person and get a real feel for it.



Blogger Mabel Maybe said...

I want to go to Uzbekistan, but I'm pretty intimidated about how I'd ever do it. I mean, we're talking about a place without ATMs, that's a lot of unfamiliarity that piles up. I've been intrigued with China for a long time too.

I've been curious about the Andes because I love hiking and ruins. And Costa Rica, because the kid around the corner did a humanitarian vacation down there, which made me want to go.

I worked on Igbo for an undergraduate project, but I'm probably more interested in Kenya than Nigeria. I must hear of more people going to Kenya or something.

I was miserable in India, but then I've never been attracted to the culture. Like eastern Utah, it seems like a place to leave. But mostly I was miserable during my visit because I was there to consider moving there, and my husband really wanted to do it and I didn't, and wasn't finding anyway to do it anyhow and justify pleasing him. The school situation was problematic, and he would have been traveling to other countries more than half the time. But at least those ten days in India checked the box, since we met my husband was wanting me to at least visit India with him and it was the one place in the world I most did not want to go. I can get everything I like about India here on the west coast or in England. I got my sari in India. I could have gotten it here, it's pathetic for a white girl like me to buy a sari anywhere but on a visit to India.

I'd like to live in Belgium. I was really happy on my visit there. That's probably my dream assignment. I'd like us to live somewhere like that for a couple years, in a small neat apartment, and him not travel much, and us see alot of each other, and all pull together. So far I've avoided any third world assignments, where there would be servants to further distance us from each other. I also once almost got us to take Stockholm, but he felt that was too far from the main action of that company. I would have put my kids in public school and made the most of my quarter-swedish genes. The kids look even more swedish than I do.

In the end, I'd go anywhere I could stay with friends. I'm a lot braver borrowing a home base.

10:47 PM  
Blogger Amira said...

Johnna, here's your chance to visit Central Asia! You can come next spring after we've figured out how to get around (and how to get money out of the bank) and you can go to Uzbekistan and China.

I'd love to go to Iran. There are some amazing mosques there. I'd also like to go on a freighter cruise around the world and have a day or two in major cities everywhere.

I'd love to go to Alaska. I also want to go to Kamchatka, Iceland, Tibet and New Zealand to see the geysers there. Or to any place that has geysers. How about a worldwide geyser tour?

I want to go to Denmark and Wales to see where my ancestors lived. I'd like to travel around Europe, but that's not really high on my list. But I would love to go to southern Spain.

I'd love to go back to the Middle East and travel around more. I want to go to Syria and Lebanon, and my younger son has a fetish about Libya, so we'd have to go there too.

And I'd love to see the grand mountains of the world, like the Himalayas, the Andes, and the Pamirs.

But, like you, reading has to satisfy me most of the time.

9:09 AM  
Blogger Mary A said...

You guys are so interesting! Amira, I am looking forward to your living in Kyrgystan (I probably spelled that wrong--sorry!) so you can tell us all about it!

I'd forgotten about seeing the Andes. Machu Pichu (again with the spelling!) would be beautiful. So many places. The freighter cruise idea is great! And the geyser tour. All your ideas sound fascinating.

If I ever get to go anywhere, I want to research it a bit first and plan out what would be most important to me to see, since I probably wouldn't have time to see everything.

10:31 AM  
Blogger Mabel Maybe said...

Amira, it may well be the case that we meet in real life because I go see you in Kyrgyzstan. I have seen you as my trailblazer since I found your Samarqand blog.

11:24 PM  
Blogger s'mee said...

I have been a few places in the U.S. and could never compete with the travel experiences of people I know. That said, the places I have been- I find myself leaving the tourist-y spots and finding the native folks or the cultural neighborhoods and soaking up the whole reason it became someplace to visit.

I feel incredibly blessed to have the places I have, to have seen the "real" people and how they settled into America (U.S.A.), and to find out why there are so many different cities within a certain city. I can't even imagine going outside of my own area except for providence intervening, so every opportunity has been a gift to explore; no matter how mundane or ordinary it may appear on a local map.

11:32 PM  
Anonymous Barb said...

Dido to everywhere you said. I would like to go to Holland and Germany too. Plus, I think it would be great to go to the Sandhills in Nebr. I would like to see the ocean and Niagra Falls too--not necessarily in that order. :) Should we get a group tour together?

6:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


8:52 PM  
Blogger Titus Todd said...

The best question for me would be, "Where do I not want to visit?"

On the top of my list are places my ancestors came from - so New England then England. Germany would be more difficult as I don't have too many exact locations.

I need to visit Belgium again to see my family there and show my family here the country. It felt like home and I think it would be nice to live there temporarily. What I enjoyed most about Belgium becides family and scenery was the history. One of my favorite spots was Castle Vianden (in Luxembourg) where Victor Hugo hid out for a while. The castle on a hill surrounded by the town was just...awesome!

I've always wanted to go to New Zealand for the scenery. I could go on and on.

1:42 PM  
Blogger Mabel Maybe said...

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1:36 AM  
Blogger Lisa M. said...

I feel very fortunate for the places I have been able to travel and the amount of time I have been able to spend in those (seemingly now) far off places.

There are places far and close that I would like to experience. Not just "visit" but to absorb myself in.

Places in the US I would love to see; the lighthouse district of the Atlantic seaboard, the cranberry harvest, the manatee, the rows and rows of sunflowers in Kansas and the flat lands of the plains. The pacific northwest during the whale traveling season. Alaska.

I would like to spend more time in Africa. Not just in Zimbabwe but in the regions through out the contenent. I would like to see Scotland again, just so I could poke around on my own, and do what I want to do there. (I was with my former husband and we had quite an agenda) I also would like to go to Uzbekistan! I want on the tour! Yes, Amira, pave the way for me! ! !

Johnna, I LOVED Costa Rica. One of the most vibrant places I have ever been.

I would like to live in Mexico for a block of time. I would love to learn the language and the "realness" for lack of better verbage of the life there. I intend to do so.

I too, am grateful, Mary for the ability to travel through books, photos and journals of others. I am grateful to live in a time when traveling in any way, is fairly possible.

11:10 AM  

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