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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Manuals Online

There is an institute manual online called Teachings of the Living Prophets. It teaches about everything from why we should heed the prophets to succession to sustaining to analyzing General Conference talks. Combined with our series of Relief Society and Priesthood manuals containing the teachings of various modern prophets, it can help us understand the role of prophets in God's plans for all His children. Check it out.

All of the institute manuals are online and give instruction on a variety of topics, from scriptures to doctrines. There are manuals on marriage and missionary work and leading a productive life. Good reading for all.

The seminary manuals are also online and consist of four guides to the scriptures. They are geared to high school students just as the institute manuals are geared to college students, but all these manuals have a lot to offer all of us in learning more about the gospel and how it applies to our lives.

Our newest RS/Priesthood manual, Teachings of Presidents of the Church: Joseph Smith is available online in various media formats (such as html, pdf, and mp3). Enjoy!

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